Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sitting Waiting Wishing Freezing

Well, for those interested, I've taken a hiatus from bike commuting. A combination of snow, sleet, ice, freezing temps and wind gust over 25 mph, have me leaving the bike in the garage and reaching for the car keys.

In the interim, I've been hibernating. On Xmas the family went up to Shawnee Mt. in Pennsylvania and we went snowboarding/snowtubing. The rest of the vacation, I went on the trainer a couple of times, but missed being outside. I've been playing my new Takamine and learning some songs on YouTube, joined a cheap gym, reading Vendela Vida and just hanging out.

As luck would have it, it was 40 degrees and I went on my first 24 miler yesterday. I admit, it was tough. I was cooked on a few hills there.

Hopefully I can get back out there. The days are getting longer again so it will be OK.

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