Wednesday, November 4, 2009

38-I Am the Night Rider! 200 Miles on the Schwinn!

Success!! Day 38

Weather: 42 deg F. much cooler, a little headwind and crosswinds
Time I left my house: Really Late! 8:25 am
Time I arrived at work: 9:00 am
Distance: 8.07 miles
Avg. Speed: 17.0
Max Speed: 24.1
Time: 28.39 min.

Pre-game: Scrambling to get out- thought I had a good time going, but when I left I looked at my watch and saw that it was 8:25! I blame the cold weather and bundling up. I also had to get my reflective Amphipod vest in my panniers so people can see me tonight. First night ride!!

Not a bad ride today, although I was hurting from yesterday’s workout in the gym- I made the mistake of doing squats with some heavy working sets (I’m trying to add some muscle to my girlish figure) and some other compound exercises. I did have some success before with my mass gaining workouts in the past, where I went up 20 lbs. (albeit, I put on some fat as well, which is usually the case) to 185. It will be interesting to see how this works with my cycling regimen as the workout notes that cardio should be a minimum as to not burn as many calories. Alright for you non-gymrat types…. Seque to: So my legs weren’t up to par today, although I still made it under 30 minutes with 17 avg.

UPDATE: The ride home. AT NIGHT!!

Weather: 47 deg.F cooler, a bit of headwind
Distance: 8.47 miles
Avg. Speed: 15.2
Max Speed: 24.1
Time: 33.23

It took a little more time to get my Amphipod reflective vest on and turning on the lights, but when I got going, it was pretty cool. I kept the PB Phase 1 Headlight on blink most of the way and the Superflash was on the whole ride. The headlight on blink was almost like a laser-gun- I felt like an X-wing fighter shooting down some Imperial Tie-Fighters (for all you Star Wars fans out there…) and as I got faster, it really was some show. I’m curious to know what cars see with me coming down in the side/rear view mirrors. This is the kind of strobe light that’s prone to give people seizures. That said, I don’t think folks had a problem seeing me. The cool thing about the headlight was the opportunity for the light to shine on the side- two little slits for the light- so people can also see me from the side. The only thing were the shady spots when there was no light and I had the blink on… it was sufficient enough, but I felt I needed more. I had to wait for either another car’s headlights or for some more streetlights to come on. The thing I like about night riding are seeing all the cars lights in the distance on other parkways and roadways … usually from the perspective from the top of an overpass. But when it was silent, no cars around, just me and the blinking light and the road in the dark, sort of surreal feeling. I wonder what it’s like to go riding on a trail at night, which would probably more of the same. Such a cool feeling.

Kudos to Planet Bike for their lights!!

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