Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day Four-Back in the Saddle!

Success!! Today was the fourth time of riding into work.

Weather: 60 deg F. muggy, drizzle, foggy with a little headwind.
Time I left my house:  Late-ish - 8.00am.
Time I arrived at work: 8:38 am
Distance: 8.45 miles
Avg. Speed: 13.7
Max Speed: 24.7
Time: 37 min.. 

Pre-game: My wife’s Aunt and Uncle are back from their European vacation to watch the kids so I’m back in the saddle! Unfortunately, it’s only one day this week (today). But I’ll take it. I had to take out my u-lock out and some other items to haul two Entemenn’s donut boxes (had a meeting this morning that lasted thru the day and we all had to chip in for breakfast). I had to move some things in my roomy Banjo Bros. panniers, so it took a little time longer, and I was lollygagging before I left at 8 am.

Traffic was OK, considering it was foggy drizzling (Note to self: still need to consider a beater bike for a dedicated ‘rain or snow’ bike because I felt for my Sequoia today! Poor baby!) I wore my new Performance Bike yellow day-glo rain/wind jacket. Great for $20 bucks (review to follow) and kept me dry. 

Overall the ride was OK, I’ve been off the saddle for a week and a half, so I’m a little slow and achy.   

I received (along with my neon jacket) Shimano SH-MT21 MTB shoes and MT520 Pedals. I didn’t have a chance to install the pedals, but the shoes rock. (Reviews to follow).

UPDATE: The ride home.

Weather: 69 deg F. muggy, strong headwind
Distance: 8.41 miles
Avg. Speed: 14
Max Speed: 23.3
Time: 35.51 min.

Somehow I got my avg. speed up to 14 (really?).  I’m getting more and more comfortable with the route and w/r/t traffic, so I guess I’m getting faster and coasting less (or braking less). I could see my self getting more and more daring a la bike courier-ish when I go through intersections, but I need to be vigilant because all it takes is that one careless, cell-phone toting driver who’s reaction time is like that of a 70yr old incontinent senior. 

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