Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yet Another Week Off the Bike

That's right. It pains me to put yet another $27 filling up my Subaru for another week off. I believe I might be riding again next Wednesday. 

In the interim, I've been looking at...what else... bike components, bike clothing, accessories, other bikes. It's so dang addicting and expensive, I'll need to find a support group for this. 

I feel the next evolution in my cycling/commuting journey is going clipless. As with all the usual fears and phobias associated with this, I have been heavily seeking out Shimano 520's for sale on either eBay or whatever online bike shop has available. 

Unfortunately, the LBS' around town have these available for almost $20-$40 more, which, I'm sure, is for their own benefit of keeping their business going. I did find a pair on Jenson's site for about $32 before shipping. Not too shabby since my LBS had if for twice as much. 

Now all I need to find are shoes...

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