Friday, May 15, 2009

Day Two on the Bike to Work

Success!! Today was the second time of riding into work.

Weather: 59 deg F. Muggy and foggy. Looked like rain but should clear up later.
Time I left my house:  A little later than I scheduled- 8.03am.
Time I arrived at work: 8:40 am
Distance: 8.19 miles
Avg. Speed: 12.9
Max Speed: 21.8
Time: 38 min.0 sec. (shaved a couple minutes off from previous ride in)

Pre-game: My parents had the little one today and my wife took the older one to pre-school in Queens. I was debating whether to go since it looked like rain but the forecast said it would clear up. So after I packed up (today was business casual at work, so it makes it a little easier) I told my parents I was off. They’re always concerned, but they always are—isn’t that the bane of being a parent?

As I left, the traffic was a little lighter today and since I knew the route better, judging some critical intersections were easier and I was more confident. 

Overall the ride was OK, it was a bit muggy, and I was thinking,”It’s not even summer yet and this is kind of uncomfortable.” But with riding comes an even breeze. 

On the way I spotted a van with a flat, and normally I would stop in my car, but on a bike, I don’t believe there’s much I could do.

As I got in, an MIS tech noticed my helmet and asked if I ran in. I told her I rode in and she was amazed and happy that I was thinking of getting healthier. It’s good to hear positive reactions of support.

Later today, the accounting department accosted me in amazement:"What do you do when it rains? Where do you live again? Are you training for a triathalon??" It's kind of funny and strange that it's become the buzz today. 

One of the guys from Facilities I found out rides, so he offered for me to put the bike in the garage downstairs next time I ride in. It's by the loading dock and behind closed doors which is a great alternative to me locking it up to a tree (he didn't know it was my bike and was told it was some member or worse, one of the restaurant's employees next door who rides and is using our tree for locking up their bike).  He rides to NYC on some Sundays and down the Chelsea trail there and invited me to come when he goes. Fun to find a biker buddy at work!  Got to an MTA bike pass.

Update: The ride home was great. It was a little warmer, but got home quicker than the first time and before 6 pm which was my goal. I was taking the lanes more often and the cars were very accommodating. I averaged a little higher than before and will get data from my CatEye soon.

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