Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Must Prepare!

So I’m scheduled to try my first run tomorrow… and like a kid preparing for camp I’m trying to see if I have everything prepared. I’m still a bit apprehensive of the route, but I will allow for some time tomorrow for any unexpected traffic/detours/etc. I have decided to start out as a ‘fair weather commuter’ of course, and then we’ll see how it’s going to be.

Today I’m supposed to get my final shipment of equipment. Mostly necessities I purchased from Performance Bike (with their 10% off coupon I jacked from Bikeforums). It’s taken almost a week, but I wasn’t in any condition to go anyways.  What’s left is: my helmet, gloves, multi-tool, tire levers, an extra tube, wedge bag and hand pump. I will go over some of the gear as I commute some more in the future and throw in my 2 cents. In my house I already have: my bike, with rack and Cateye wireless micro computer; u-lock, cable lock, rain pants (breathable) and Banjo Brothers commuter panniers. I already tried to see how much I can stuff without weighing it down, so far so good. One side I’ll leave for work clothes, wipes, wallet, ID key card for work (it’s like Fort Knox) and the other pannier for bike stuff such as locks, tube, tool, and maybe lunch. I have a ton of gym coolmax-type shirts I could use. I’ll have to decide whether I’ll need special shorts later as well as the decision to go clipless. Newbie here, so I’m curious to see how this all goes.

Hopefully all will go well. I haven’t made a recon run yet on the weekends as it’s been suggested, I’ve just been too sick. I’ve driven the route several times to dial it in- there are several points where it could get hairy and other points where it’s OK. Not the easiest route via bike and I think I may have to ‘sidewalk’ a few times before I’m confident enough to claim a lane. 

And I’ve just found out I’ll be taking my kids to daycare since my wife’s aunt and uncle decided to trek away for three weeks (to Europe, no less) and left us holding the bag – which means we had to shuffle the kid’s schedules.  I’m going to be driving at least one kid to daycare for most of the week, so I’m not sure how I can commute via bike in those circumstances, so it seems this could be my only week that I’ll commute, take a hiatus, and come back close to mid-June.  I realize this happens a lot, especially whenever I start a hobby I can’t devote or commit my time to, and then I have to resign my self to the fact that I do have other responsibilities and stop being such a kid myself.

Another thought I have if I am actually doing this commuting thang - what the heck am I doing for lunch? I work near the Roosevelt Field Mall which, for those of you outside of Long Island, it is one of the bigger shopping malls here, complete with a huge Food Court, merry-g0-round and can probably be seen from space.  It also has more stores per square mile in the area as well. I used to take the skateboard out to the park or this empty lot which had an incline and carve some lines after my sandwich, which is something I’ll reserve on the overcast days I guess.  I guess I could take the bike to the park and eat, but I hate to change and bike eat, bike back and change again.  We’ll see how the ‘ole legs feel. 

On another note, my little guy is turning 4 this Thursday. I still can’t believe how much time flies when you have kids. Time flies when you get older, but having kids, it’s like lightspeed. Ironically, he’s looking for a new bike. He’s been riding the tricycle you see at the header, and he can climb hills with that thing with Lance-like athleticism.  So I spotted a Lightning McQueen bike at Target the other day- we’re pretty excited.

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