Friday, May 29, 2009

Dang it! A Forced Week Off

Because of what I mentioned earlier (childcare drop-off responsibilities) I had to take a hiatus from my riding into work. So, it's been a week and I feel like it's been a long month off. I would go into my garage and check the tires and look at the bike with disappointment. 

Nothing much going on this week other than trying to figure out what to do when it rains (much less snows). It's rained almost every day this week. I haven't gotten fenders yet, and I can't picture the Sequoia with them, so I'm not sure about taking the plunge into foul weather yet. I'll have to see how: 1)My fall/winter schedule will be like 2)If I can afford an old beater for a foul weather bike.  

Tuesday I felt a sense of pride as I filled up the first time in 2 weeks. It's strange now that I feel angry when I take the car to work, like I'm doing something wrong. 

And it seems it will continue through next week since my wife's aunt and uncle won't come back until June 9th, a whole other week!!

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