Friday, May 8, 2009

I Hate Being Sick

I’ve been out because of some mutant virus (thankfully, not the swine) but something I caught from my kids, who are fully recovered right now and running and screaming possibly as I write this. It’s funny, with the onset of starting my commute, and right in time for “Bike to Work Week” etc., I am down for the count. It takes me so long to walk up the staircase or any physical activity. Anyway, whining over and out. Hopefully, I’ll recover soon and get to riding.

While I’m recuperating, I’m also waiting for the rest of my gear from Performance Bike. I just received my Panniers from Banjo Brothers  which I’m very excited about.  I’m also planning my route on Google Maps as well as Map My Ride , which has a number of resources.

The thing I’m most concerned with this whole bike my commute thing is the riding off the side walk. I was a firm believer in the safety of the sidewalk. It’s ingrained in our heads since childhood: ”Don’t ride in the street!!” And the thought of getting to my destination in one piece is a gamble. Then again, it's our lane too. Share the road people!

I’ve read up on this quite a bit on several bike commuter sites. The League  has a number of resources on this as well. But that hasn’t changed my anxiety about it. For the most part, it seems fairly simple- no climbs, some residential areas, but as I surveyed the route via car the other day, some spots had little space for anything. 

I just gotta get over it. 

Here is some info from the Traffic laws of NYS: Article 34 Section 1234:

S 1234. Riding  on roadways, shoulders, bicycle or in-line skate lanes and bicycle or in-line skate paths. (a) Upon all roadways,  any  bicycleor  in-line  skate shall be driven either on a usable bicycle or in-line skate lane or, if a usable bicycle or in-line skate lane  has  not  been
provided,  near  the  right-hand  curb  or edge of the roadway or upon a usable right-hand shoulder in such a manner as to prevent  undue  inter-ference  with  the flow of traffic except when preparing for a left turn or when reasonably necessary to avoid  conditions  that  would  make  it unsafe to continue along near the right-hand curb or edge. Conditions to be  taken  into  consideration include, but are not limited to, fixed or moving  objects,  vehicles,  bicycles,  in-line   skates,   pedestrians, animals,  surface  hazards  or traffic lanes too narrow for a bicycle or
person on in-line skates and a vehicle  to  travel  safely  side-by-side within  the lane.   (b) Persons riding bicycles or skating or gliding on in-line skates upon a roadway shall not  ride  more  than  two  abreast. Persons  riding  bicycles or skating or gliding on in-line skates upon a
shoulder, bicycle or in-line skate lane, or bicycle  or  in-line  skates path, intended for the use of bicycles or in-line skates may ride two or more  abreast if sufficient space is available, except that when passing a vehicle, bicycle or person on in-line skates, or pedestrian,  standing
or proceeding along such shoulder, lane or path, persons riding bicycles or  skating  or  gliding  on  in-line skates shall ride, skate, or glide single file.  Persons riding bicycles or skating or gliding  on  in-line skates upon a roadway shall ride, skate, or glide single file when being
overtaken  by  a vehicle.

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