Friday, August 14, 2009

19-A Hello Then Dropped... And then Dropped Again on the Ride Home! But Hey PB of 15.6 avg. and 32.20 trip time!

Success!! Day 19

Weather: 69 deg F. warm, not too humid, a lot headwind
Time I left my house: Yes, LATE!!! 8.15 am.
Time I arrived at work: 8:49 am
Distance: 8.19 miles
Avg. Speed: 14.5
Max Speed: 22.9
Time: 33.53 min.

Pre-game: I was up late last night making our Lake George trip video on iMovie which means I was dragging out of bed today. I get like that when I’m on a creative kick. Not to mention this morning H wanted to see the movie “…again and again” so I had to oblige. Anyway, I really hate vacation just for the fact that I know I have to come back to work. Enough whining. I left late, which is why I got in late.

Ride was nice. I didn’t have luck with lights today and nodded to a fellow cyclist who nodded and said morning back when stopped at the RTE 107 light-- he blew me off the line and I tried to keep up, I almost was at pace, but had to keep on my path. I wonder how my speed would be without my extra work baggage. I’m always curious of that—and wonder if I should join a club to ride like a cyclist and not a commuter (or even a light tourer).

I knocked into a hydrant when I had to make a quick emergency detour on the sidewalk (I know) and hit my pannier, checked to see that there was no damage but the ride was funny thereafter. When I got into work I noticed a squeak when I turn my handlebars- don’t know what that is, and am surprised since I just got a tune-up- or maybe that’s normal. Who knows. I’ll have to check with a tech.

UPDATE: The Ride Home
Weather: 82 deg F. warm, not too humid, some lot headwind
Distance: 8.42 miles
Avg. Speed: 15.6
Max Speed: 26.2
Time: 32.20 min.

Left late from work, because it was the week back from hell... anyway, was gaining good time when I hit, guess what intersection, RTE 107 light and another cyclist greeted me. I was feeling stupid and sporty, so I blew HIM off the line. Mind you, this is the uphill killer (at least to me) before I get home. So I'm climbing around 18 mph, and as I hit the down hill, crank it down to 26.2 mph (a record Max speed for moi) and look back and see this guy just coming down, keeping a steady cadence. I'm on the second, much longer climb when I see the shadow of him on my wheel!! So I'm out of the saddle, at this point I've bonked, and go right to let him pass. He says something cordial like:"You were running up that hill!" as he passes me I try to get on his wheel. At this point, we're at the summit now we're down hill and he's still a bike length and then two in front. I'm wondering how this is possible. I stopped and had to turn off, but I realize, I need to join a club to really test myself (see above re: how fast I can really go). I'm so competitive, this haunted me until, well the next day. Yeah, just like a commuter should. Anyway, thank you cyclists for pushing me and making a new PB on my avg and Max times. Damn my legs hurt.

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