Friday, October 9, 2009

33-Fridays are the Best Days to Ride and Why You Shouldn't Ride on the Wrong Side of the Road (On the Sidewalk)

Success!! Day 33

Weather: 59 deg F. cooler, a lot of headwind
Time I left my house: Early! 8:03 am
Time I arrived at work: 8:43 am
Distance: 8.22 miles
Avg. Speed: 14.7
Max Speed: 24.4
Time: 33.30 min.

Pre-game: It’s nice to not have to race and dash to get ready. The parents are watching the little man and I took my time today. I had some time to even lollygag around before I set out. No TT'ing today, Thank the Good Lord. I knew my avg. speed was going to be down, but sfw, time to enjoy for once.

It was a nice ride coming in- even though it was a bit cloudy and windy, it was my first day with the Addidas arm warmers, which work great, although not sure when to roll them down as I got cooler after every light. But it was Friday and it was a nice ride in.

I did, however, almost get clipped by a Mercedes coming out of a driveway. It was totally my fault, trying to hit the sidewalk (along that hairy area of my route where I break all laws of Bike Commuting 101: thou shall stay off the sidewalk and stay on the right side of the road). This was my second incident and I should’ve been more cautious. I kept going,”Whoa, Whoa…whoah!!!” to no response or even acknowledgement which again proves that cars are clueless to outside noise. Well, those great cars are engineered to drown out the surrounding or ambient noise of traffic, squirrels, Harleys and overzealous bike commuters.

In a few weeks daylight savings time will be coming and it's time to shop for some blinkies and headlights. The gear is endless folks. Endless.

UPDATE: The ride home.

Weather: 67 deg.F cool, a little headwind
Distance: 8.48 miles
Avg. Speed: 15.5
Max Speed: 25.9
Time: 32.54

Nice and easy ride home. It was supposed to rain, but it turned out nice at the end of the day. Arm warmers were up and in full effect again, and I can tell it’s getting darker sooner. Time to get some reflective strips and lights going. I am kind of excited to ride at night, although kind of concerned. I guess if they can all see me, it’s half the battle.

Nose is running a bit and I’m starting to cough. I really hope and pray I don’t get sick like everyone else in my family is becoming (my wife and kids are coughing). Well, I have to ride the Roubaix this weekend!! I have to be well enough!

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