Thursday, October 1, 2009

31-100 Miles on the Schwinn and Old Man River Legs

Success!! Day 31

Weather: 50 deg F. hella cooler, a lot of headwind
Time I left my house: REALLY LATE! 8:23 am
Time I arrived at work: 8:59 am
Distance: 8.22 miles
Avg. Speed: 15.3
Max Speed: 24.4
Time: 32.20 min.

Pre-game: Another mad dash to make it to feed the baby, get him ready, drive him to the sitters, come back and ride off. I thought I had a head start, but the sitter was chatting it up with me… so I got out really late.

Since I haven’t ridden in a week and a day and my 10K post-race legs have recovered, I’m not TT as I did a week ago. In fact, two minutes slower and getting out later, means… guess what, I was late to work. Honestly, nobody was mad, but it didn’t look good since I strolled in at my desk around 9:04 am with my gear, my tie wasn’t even on, etc. What’s worse, is that I was given Employee of the Month award yesterday by my boss, who gave an eloquent speech BTW—something I wish was transcribed or recorded for my wife and kids to see for years to come (it was that good… almost TOO good). So let’s just say I need to plan more efficiently. Possibly pack the night before or get the little guy up and ready at quarter to 8 or whatever. On Fridays, it’s easy peasy covergirl, since my parents are here. But on the weekday dashes, it’s almost not worth it.

Now for the ride… BRRRR. It was a little under 50 degrees this morning, so I had the long sleeves and rocking the snot the whole way. I like the cold, but hate the wind. Damn you wind. My legs were weak and I knew I would be slower today. I totally pushed myself at Cow Harbor, getting 50 minutes, not my best, but hey, I’ll take it after just training for two weeks. I realized I pushed too much on the downhill runs and my quads were hurting for two days. All worth it though- I haven’t ran since ’04 (since the birth of my first son) and it was a beautiful day. I have to say I miss that town. If ever you’re in Northport, or training in it, go by Scudder and up the James St. hill and report back. You'll know what pain is. But once on top you’ll see the sound and the water and the view and you’ll forget your lungs and legs are burning. Or maybe not.

UPDATE: The ride home.

Weather: 59 deg.F cool, a little headwind
Distance: 8.48 miles
Avg. Speed: 16.2
Max Speed: 27.1
Time: 31.21

Not a bad ride home, considering it was darker and cooler out. One my way near Rte 107, saw a woman rider doing a nice pace. At the light, dorky Fred like myself tries to strike up a conversation,”What mile are you on?” or something to that affect and she shrugs and asks the same of me (which is such a stupid question to ask) and I reply by saying I’m coming from work. Mile seven. And then she was off because of the light turning green. I was on her wheel the whole time, didn’t want to pass her to be rude, but honestly, on the climb she almost dropped me. We were both doing 18 mph on the climb and I got out of the saddle a couple of times to keep up. I have to say, she was pushing at a decent pace. I will never judge anyone… ever. Thank you rider, for keeping my time down and my avg. speed up.

I wonder what she thought of me. Damn this self-indulgent sport!!

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