Wednesday, October 21, 2009

34-I Hate Being Sick Part Deux and Detour

Success!! Day 34

Weather: 52 deg F. much cooler, a lot of headwind and crosswinds
Time I left my house: Not too late! 8:21 am
Time I arrived at work: 8:54 am
Distance: 8.07 miles
Avg. Speed: 17.1
Max Speed: 24.6
Time: 28.20 min.

Pre-game: I got a headstart with everything and even with that, I still managed to get out at 8:21 am. Ideally, I need to leave before 20 after, but you never know. I think next time I’ll have to get my arm warmers on and shorts before I get to the sitter’s, then I do the ‘ol basketball sweatpants rip and then I’m off. If only it were that simple.

Nice ride today, I’m not used to this cold weather and not really dialed in as to what to wear. I’ve been sick the last week (some coughing, and fever) and since then I've been weak. I was afraid of my TT’ing today, but looking at my time and avg. speed, not too shabby. I’m convinced I caught something around Columbus day (at my wife’s cousin’s mediocre weddingand my ride on Columbus day was not too enjoyable BTW – it was in the low 40s and I saw other cyclists with jackets and full fingered gloves on… I just had my arm-warmers and jersey. I really need a vest or something for my core. Regardless, ordered the Blizzard addidas jacket and some tights. I should be good to go come winter. I’ll talk about my first ride on the Roubaix later.

Went on the direct route on Jericho today, and for a scary moment, actually cut some distance (and therefore, time) going the direct route. I had to because via car I noticed some construction on the road where I usually ride and I decided to take a detour. There’s a section where Jericho meets the North Service-rd (North Marginal Road) near the Jericho Home Depot (for you LI’ers out there) and n’ary a shoulder or wide enough gutter lane. I had to take the lane at some point to be seen. No honking- but need to make sure they see me at the intersections before I take the lane. Luckily, it was sunny this morning and not too much traffic. But I must admit, it was nice to stay on Jericho all the way to Westbury.

UPDATE: The ride home.

Weather: 63 deg.F cool, a little headwind
Distance: 8.46 miles
Avg. Speed: 15.7
Max Speed: 25.1
Time: 32.23

Nice ride home- legs were a little hot from this morning, so no real record-breaking this afternoon. The days are getting darker and I hope I get my lights in time. I ordered some Planet Bikes lights. I’ve never biked at night since I was a kid so this will be interesting!

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