Tuesday, October 6, 2009

32-Guess What Happens When There's a Huge Sale at a Local Bike Shop

Success!! Day 32

Weather: 50 deg F. cooler, a lot of headwind and crosswinds
Time I left my house: LATE(as always)! 8:19 am
Time I arrived at work: 8:55 am
Distance: 8.22 miles
Avg. Speed: ?
Max Speed: ?
Time: 32.20 min.

Pre-game: Another mad dash to make it to feed the baby, get him ready, drive him to the sitters, come back and ride off. What’s more since the poor guy has baby eczema, I have to put cream and lotion on and now that it’s winter, a thicker jacket. But the kid’s a trouper and he can eat, so any delay is on my shoulders or… eh…legs.

It’s almost a week since I rode (thought I had to drive in on Friday and Sunday I had a breast cancer walk, so no long ride) I was panting and pedaling. It was nuts that I even made to work on time on the Schwinn, but I did. I got lucky at a few lights and I got to my desk on time, albeit w/out my tie on, but I can put that on when I boot up my iMac. Since I forgot to reset my little cycle computer, I can’t tell my avg or max. My time was OK considering that I was hurting, but it’s all motivated by trying to get to work on time. You should see how I left the house.

So as I was sufferin’ (go Coach Troy!!) on the way in, I couldn’t help but think of how I dropped off my Sequoia and how much money I dropped for…my new Roubaix. That’s right folks, I upgraded, and I feel a little guilty. But damn, can you blame me??? I will have a proper review to come but, as you know, since I got my touring bike and the Tiagra, I was wanting more. And since I can take my Schwinn over the 30 min. mark, I have no real need for a lighter bike and a rain bike… I can use the Schwinn primarily as my commute/errand/rain bike in one. It’s a strong touring bike, so I won’t feel squirrely as I ride with 20lbs. of stuff in my panniers as I did on the Sequoia. And as I’ve been riding those long rides around Brookville and Old Westbury, I have wanted a bike I can grow into. The Sequoia has served me well as my introduction (or re-introduction) into cycling and now, as this insanity grows, I have something I can actually grow into.

Brands Cycle and Fitness has a history on LI. I'm sure if you grew up here you have gotten a bike or known someone who has gotten a bike from Brands. My first Murray from Brands. My brother's hot first racing BMX (Diamondback) was from Brands. We used to ride from Hicksville to Wantagh on our bikes to look at the new stock. The place is legendary and their staff is top notch.

I was catered to by Mill- a senior who owns a LeMond that he upgraded as a 'Frankenstein' bike (Kysyrium wheels, new gruppo, etc.) and he's a commuter as well. His 16 mile trek from W. Islip makes mine look like a joke. I say 'catered' because he took the time to ask what I rode, what I needed, the options they had and he insisted I ride as many as I could think of... several lunch breaks later (driving from Westbury to Wantagh is not a short trip, so let's say long lunches) I thought they'd kick me out. They already new my name from my calls and visits that I'm sure they'd put me on staff to level the stock if I were available. I tried the Cannondale Six and then the Roubaix. The Roubaix was a dream... and although the Cannondale was a bit more responsive (that BB30 is hugemungous!) I felt the Roubaix would tear through the crap streets around my neighborhood and Brookville (I know of many potholes around that route) with it's compliant and stiff frame, Zertz inserts and wider wheelbase. After I put a deposit, Mill told me to wait for a huge sale they were having in a couple of weeks - one that has the parking lot enlisting valets to direct traffic because it's so packed. He said they could get the price down considerably- since they were clearing their 2009 stock. So he said,"Go home. Have a glass of wine. Wait until the sale." So I did, and I still researched other bikes- that '08 Scott CR1 Team in the Farmindale bike shop that I tried as well wasn't the same- but it was fast. And then I found other Orbeas, then thinking I should go to Aluminum since I don't think I deserved to ride carbon ('You Poseur!!'). But then the sale happened and when Mill tried reaching me to give me a price (he wouldn't leave a voicemail, he wanted to tell me in person) it was about 15% off the regular price which dropped a couple of hundred. When all is said and done, I got the Roubaix for under $1700. I picked it up yesterday after yet another long lunch and it's waiting for some pedals and a ride. It's waiting for me in the garage. I can hear it calling me.

I know. I need help. Don’t we all?

UPDATE: The ride home.

Weather: 64 deg.F cool, a little headwind
Distance: 8.48 miles
Avg. Speed: 15.7
Max Speed: 25.1
Time: 32.24

Not a bad ride home, took it easy, well, really didn’t have a choice since me legs were tired (just like the rest of my body—go figure!) I was playing bike courier today; weaving in and out of car lanes to get to the light and then blasting as it turns green. As I’m getting more familiar with this trip, I find I’m getting more ‘ballsy’ and therefore placing myself in some precarious situations. I need to remind myself: Car v. Bike… Car always wins.

The final climb on the service road back home was a killer. I couldn’t push over 15 mph. I had tried spinning more and then as that didn’t work, I got up out of the saddle and made some headway. I don’t know how I kept up the cadence the other day. It’s been hard this long trip. I need to put more miles in and find some more hills.

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