Thursday, September 3, 2009

25-300 Miles on the Sequoia!

Success!! Day 25

Weather: 57 deg F. cooler, bluebird, a little headwind
Time I left my house: 8:10 am.
Time I arrived at work: 8:47 am
Distance: 8.16 miles
Avg. Speed: 14.5
Max Speed: 23.3
Time: 33.43 min.

Pre-game: I got out a little later than usual, had to help get my son ready for his Pre-K warm-up for the fall. My wife was running late but since I was ready the night before, I was good to go.

Ride was good. I am definitely loving this cooler weather. Not only does it make the ride a lot more pleasant, I’m not sweating like a pig when I get in. I’m wondering if I should change part of my route on Jericho Turnpike (the scary part) since a part of my ride I have to deal with the jungle near the South Service Road near Jericho. I’m always afraid as I go through the brush I’m picking up ticks or what not.

Still missing the Tiagra brifters on the Schwinn. I don’t know why I need it, like everything else, I don’t need it, it would be nice. I don’t take my hands off the drops. Anyway, I’m going to talk to the LBS about upgrading. As Eddy Merkx said,”Don’t upgrade… ride up grades…” This biking stuff is getting really expensive, but what else does a man in his late 30’s do? Golf? Have you seen the a---holes that golf?

My right foot’s feeling a little better and should start running again soon. I wonder if I could even make Cow Harbor.

UPDATE: The ride home.

Weather: 76 deg.F cool, a lot of headwind
Distance: 8.35 miles
Avg. Speed: 14.3
Max Speed: 23.3
Time: 35.57

I left work much later- I was finishing a presentation that was going to be shown on Friday, I won’t bother you on the details, but it entailed photoshopping execs and upper management faces onto rock stars. This is what my career has become. I can’t complain. It pays the bills.

The ride home was a little, strange. I felt slower (apparently, it shows) and felt a lot of buzz on the road. I still can’t find the sweet spot to clip back into the pedals from a complete stop, but I guess that comes with practice. My other shoes (MT 421- Shimanos) clip a lot easier than the road shoes, so I’m wondering since it is a MTB pedal (M520) it won’t work with a Road shoe??? I really don’t know, but it’s dang frustrating looking like a kook trying to clip-in as I’m coasting feebly down the intersection, slipping off the pedal.

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