Wednesday, September 23, 2009

30-Once Again On My TTT (Time Trial Touring bike)

Success!! Day 30

Weather: 69 deg F. much warmer, a little headwind
Time I left my house: LATE! LATE! LATE! 8:20 am.
Time I arrived at work: 8:55 am
Distance: 8.21 miles
Avg. Speed: 16.2
Max Speed: 27.8
Time: 30.34 min.

Pre-game: Another mad dash to make it to feed the baby, get him ready, drive him to the sitters, come back and ride off. I can’t believe I can’t get out of my house earlier.

Ride was OK. Again on the TTT (Time Trial Tourer) this time only made it in 30 minutes as I hit every light imaginable and my legs weren’t as good as I believed. I got to my desk, sweating, at 9:03 am. Not too bad, but I hate time-trialing it especially when it’s this warm, man what the heck happened to Fall? Once at work, I have to make a run for the handicap stall in the mens room to do my best and look presentable, and trying to cool down from the last sprint before the office building. I was drenched and heaving from the humidity when I got in. This Schwinn is such a great bike, I’m so glad I got it, and so amazed at its speed and ease of shifting- I’m so used to the Tiagra now that the Soras on my Sequioa are now updated. I know, I know, I didn’t even know what groupsets where last April now I’m considering nothing less than 105 Shimano group. That’s what this sport does to you. And that’s why I need a second job!!

So, I put a deposit in for a Specialized Roubaix Elite. I won't tell you how much as it will probably make me cry, but it's going to cost more than both my bikes I have now total. I test rode it at Brands Cycle and Fitness (great service and reps BTW...if ever you have a chance to visit that Bike Shop, Mill and Steve Rock). They're having a huge sale in October and swayed my aluminum thinking to CF. Then I got to looking between the Cannondale Six (awesome sprinter, responded well, a bit too stiff however) and the Roubaix (not as responsive, but felt no bumps buzz or any pain). Since I like comfort and the roads around LI are less than perfect, I chose the Roubaix. And I love that Boonen won a couple of races on that particular model (well, not the elite, but good marketing nonetheless!!). So... I still have time to decide whether to pull the trigger and sell the Sequoia on eBay.

I admit, I have a problem, and I need help. I really do.

UPDATE: The ride home.

Weather: 76 deg.F warm, a little headwind
Distance: 8.46 miles
Avg. Speed: 15.2
Max Speed: 25.0
Time: 33.33

Not a bad ride home considering my TT’ing it this morning. Still thinking about my pending upgrade and whether to pull the trigger. I can’t help but think this all started with shifters…now it blew up to a fully-loaded CF bike like the Roubaix or CR-1 Team. This is nuts.

I have to say, had a good time with the final climb this afternoon- I kept the cadence up and the mph to 16/17 mph the whole way up on the middle ring. I wonder what a compact is like.

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