Tuesday, September 1, 2009

24-Back to Cool; Falling while Clipped-In is Uncool However

Success!! Day 24

Weather: 58 deg F. cooler, bluebird, a little headwind
Time I left my house: 8:07 am.
Time I arrived at work: 8:46 am
Distance: 8.15 miles
Avg. Speed: 14.8
Max Speed: 23.0
Time: 32.52 min.

Pre-game: It’s good to wake up earlier when I ride, so I get everything done and get out at a decent time- imagine that people. Leave early- Get to work early. I had to kick my 4 year old out of bed and get him ready as my wife was going to bring him to his pre-K school (getting him used to the place before going there five days a week this fall). We’re both not looking forward to the Fall when school starts next week. Summer’s winding down.

Ride was good. I can’t believe what a difference when it’s cooler. Especially W/R/T coming in and not sweating like a pig, my cool down time is cut to nada, so I can sit and not have to wipe my forehead at my desk. I wonder when I should be bundling up for the fall- arm warmers or long sleeves? Mo’ equipment mo’money. I saw a couple accidents on the way, which I’m hoping they’re OK (had a stretcher come out near Westbury HS).

I didn’t mention my Sunday long ride around town. Short of joining a proper club ride (I was too tired and wanted to test my mettle anyway) I went to Map My Ride and take a nice 26 mile loop around 25A, Glen Cove Rd, Brookville Road and Muttontown. My 26 miler turned out to be a 24 miler. BTW made it home in an hour-and a half, since I was curious to see my avg. time in that distance (15.5). Man, there were some nice hills (I’ll put in the route shortly, it’s on May My Ride right now). Hopefully I can get a club ride in soon, except I’m not looking for a social lunch break at where-ever. I just want a ride. Although it was disconcerting to see some fallen cyclists and an ambulance on my route, some of those winding roads have little or no shoulder or visibility, so I was on the alert.

My right foot has a pain I believe is from my fartlek training on Friday. Could be tendonitis on the outer rim of my right foot. I’ve been doing the RICE thing as well as popping Ibuprofin for the pain. I would like to do the Cow Harbor race in a few weeks (Lance came back, why shouldn’t I?? It’s been five years since… the last time I ran in Hurricane Ivan and made 48 min. It was the time my wife was pregnant with our first, so it was such a nice milestone. Of course, I haven’t run since. I’ve been using the same shoe which led me to believe it was my shoe that caused the pain. I need a new pair of Saucony’s.

Oh yeah, when I got in, my coworker who incidentally also lives in Syosset, said there were 2 accidents on the NSP. I smiled and went, really?? That's tooo bad.

UPDATE: The ride home.

Weather: 73 deg.F cool, a lot of headwind
Distance: 8.35 miles
Avg. Speed: 15.0
Max Speed: 22.6
Time: 33.17

I left work later than usual, and my wife needed to be out of the house early (seeing the Pet Shop Boys with her friends) so I needed to book out of there. One thing I noticed is that I got tired real fast trying to battle the headwind, only going maybe 18 mph when I should be typically going around 19-21 mph cruising speed. I’m finding the Sora shifters annoying now, but I have to chalk that one up to experience; since it is my first roadbike, and I haven’t ridden in a while, much less commute on a regular basis (or race) so I’ll have to deal. Ignorance is bliss.

One funny note, I had the new Road Sport shoes from Specialized today (wore them on my long ride Sunday and will give a proper review later) so I’ve been trying to get down the sweet spot of clipping and un-clipping. When I get home, I usually coast into the driveway and u-turn in front of the garage. Today there were some kiddie chairs left in front and I had gone on the lawn since the cars blocked the normal space, I forgot to unclip as I turned and ate it right in front of the garage door. Scratched the hell out of my left shifter, which looked like it moved a few degrees inward. No other visible damage, but more embarrassing than anything. And for those of you who cringe when they get the first scratch on their pristine bikes, yeah, I was cringing like a mofo.

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