Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 13-Why You Always Pay in Dividends After a Day of BBQ and Drinking

Success!! Day 13

Weather: 69 deg F. humid, warm,
Time I left my house: late-ish 8.10 am.
Time I arrived at work: 8:45 am
Distance: 8.19 miles
Avg. Speed: 13.9
Max Speed: 23.7
Time: 35.10 min.

Pre-game: Had a little BBQ yesterday-coupled with the cleaning, de-cluttering, hosting, BBQ’ing and drinking, I’m worn out to ride. But I got out earlier than I was expecting which was good.

Good ride-no headwind but I was just tired. It was still a nice ride in…I don’t consider it one of my best times, but I’m amazed I got in like I did. I assume I'll be dragging my tuches around all day- what's worse, I have to walk to the bank to deposit a check in this nice humid, 80 degree day. Yess!

UPDATE: The ride home.

Weather: 79 deg F. warm
Distance: 8.39 miles
Avg. Speed: 14.1
Max Speed: 24.3
Time: 35.45 min.

Nice ride back-still don't hurtin' and don't have the legs to do the Service Road hills at the end, but I have to say I tried to get back in a good time. Never ever ever again...(well, yes, we know!)

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