Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 9 on the Specialized Sequioa

Success!! Day 9

Weather: 63 deg F. cool, clear not much humidity and sunny
Time I left my house: really late again! 8.11 am.
Time I arrived at work: 8:45 am
Distance: 8.15 miles
Avg. Speed: 14.1
Max Speed: 23.1
Time: 34.37 min.

Pre-game: My wife commandeered the bathroom since she was taking my 4 year old to camp early, so I got to shower later than usual. Checked the SPD cleats and now a pro at packing. I’ve got to find a way to lighten the pack, since I do bring my lunch and bananas on the pannier with all my tools. So my panniers look a bit lob-sided.

Since it is July, the Tour de France is on and Lance is back- yesterday Astana owned the team time trials and LA almost got the yellow but was short a hundredth of a second! He’s 2nd overall and it’s looking pretty good so far. And of course, gives me some motivation to make it to work in record time. Unfortunately, there are cars, traffic lights and pot holes to deal with…

It was nice and cool today. As I left, my 4 year old waved as I went off and I was a bit sad- that kid is the best despite his constant rebelling, meltdowns and yelling that 4 year olds are prone to get.

There’s a bit more traffic now that everyone’s back to work. I’m still a bit apprehensive on some spots by the LIE service road, but I believe it’s better to be careful and safe than bold and hurt. Either way, I’m just happy I’m keeping my avg. speed up at 14 mph.

I’ve realized there is a big hill on the start of my ride and two smaller hills on the end. I found it funny today.

UPDATE: The ride home.

Weather: 75 deg F. sunny and pleasant but a little headwind
Distance: 8.39 miles
Avg. Speed: 14.0
Max Speed: 24.5
Time: 35.55 min.

It was a nice ride home, not as much traffic as before but some headwind as I headed back east. My legs are feeling it as this is actually my 2nd time on the bike in the same week for a while. I’m pretty excited that my time is becoming faster and avg. speed is consistently going up to 14mph.

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